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Questions that you must ask your movers before you hire them


Can Google be an answer?
Like everything else, I had opted to Google on a mover that happened to be very close to the house where I stayed. I thought that getting a mover on the job was like getting most of the job done. How wrong I was!
I ended up with so much confusion:
The end result of my naïve action was so heartbreaking that I swore to myself that I would write this piece just so that no one else falls prey to hiring just about anyone who claims to do a good job in moving your stuff. Because trust me, when you move houses, it is not just the things that you are moving from here to there, it is like transporting your memories; the good ones and the best ones; some that cannot even be replicated ever! I lost an ancestral center piece and I cannot but help thinking that it could have been averted had I been a little more prudent in my research in determining a better mover. 

Claims to do a good job in moving your stuff

How can you blindly trust just about anyone who advertises themselves on the internet as the best Newport Beach movers?
No, before you sign a contract with them, you will need to do an in depth analysis to know if the mover you are considering hiring is going to responsibly handle your things and make sure they reach safe and sound to your destination.
Here is a check list:

  1. Is the mover licensed?

The mover’s license is one of the pre requisites that you need to know. Whether the moving is within the state or between the states, the license is a document which needs to be verified. The license number when quoted by the movers can be checked on the website of the transportation department in order for verification.

  1. Are they insured?

It is paramount to check if the mover is also insured. This can also be done on the same website where you verify the mover’s license. Insurance of the goods moved is as much a part of the moving job as the moving itself. you may also want o know if there is any special insurance for goods that are too valuable like the hands me down piano that has been handed down to you and has immense sentimental value to you.
In case, there is no such insurance on those items, you may also want to supplement your insurance in order to cover such valuable goods.

  1. Check to see how long they have been in business:

It is a good idea to check how long the movers have been in their field of work. You may even like to check if there are good reviews about them on the internet.

Brilliant way to check on the company's goodwill and shortcoming

Testimonials sometimes are or seem to be doctored as well so if there is a colleague or an acquaintance who has shifted in or out of your area recently can be of help to give you a good appraisal on the services of the mover that they had hired or the one you are deliberating about.
Reviews, accolades, recommendations and awards, all count!

You may check on their webpage if there is any service accolade or awards that they have received for their work. Also, any kind of recommendation on other blogs or by people who are frequently moving in and out can be a great help in giving you an assurance on your choice.


Business review sites are a good place to check:
Social media sites like CitySearch and the like will tell you exactly how well received the businesses are. They additionally also rate the businesses based on their research of how satisfied the customers have been after using their services. It is a brilliant way to check on the company’s goodwill and shortcoming.
Make sure to check if they will personally come over to check the stuff to be delivered:
As a policy, most of the movers send their representatives to come and check on the stuff that has to be moved. This helps to make a personal assessment and the estimate that is quoted is more realistic. Also, it prevents shock of seeing a ballooned bill.
A lower estimate or cheap service does not guarantee you a small bill:
It is important that all the doubts that you have regarding the moving is cleared before you sign on the dotted line. Sometimes, in void of no personal check, the company may have given you a lower estimate but after the packing starts and you realize that they do not cover certain items in the package that you have chosen also means that you have to shell out extra on packing and moving those special items. Make sure you have a handy list of the items that need to be taken first and handled carefully because of fragility like your expensive bone china and your musical instruments or sports related tools and award paraphernalia