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Here for you:
Being four decades in the business of packing and moving makes us your best choice. We know how things are when there is moving on the cards and that is why our staff and representative go all out to make sure that everything right from the day we start packaging the stuff to the day we deliver at your new abode is in place and on schedule.
We’ve helped thousands move:
We like to think that we have been extremely successful in helping thousands of family find happiness in their newer abode. The letters of appreciation, their recommendations and the industry accolades are a proof of our integrity and passion towards our chosen work.
We take our work seriously:
Our appointments are always on do and we make sure that our representatives call on you exactly on the day and the time that has been committed to you. We are extremely conscious about the value of time and that is precisely why we have a track record of being on our committed deadlines each time and every time.
Our website:
We would love it if you would care to browse our website where we enumerate our company’s mission and goals. Also, our services are clearly mentioned in order so that it will help you determine the kind of package that you are looking for. Estimate of work is given only after a personal perusal of the things that need to be made. You can also send us a request to see a representative on the website.
The pioneers to employ women workers:
We also have the rare distinction of employing women who have been the driving force behind our success. It makes us proud to be one of the first to be able to give each of our women a new lease of life and meaning. They bring with them a new freshness to the job and are also the face of the human side of our company. If you would like to support the cause, you can request for an all women team to do the moving for you and claim a ten percent discount on your final bill. This as an appreciation of thinking that they are as capable as their counterparts!